Moon Over Mundesley


I am hugely drawn to the Moon. Affected and energised by her. Intrigued by the power she holds and the influence she has on our earth and our seas. Fascinated by her waxing and waning and most especially for the days when she shines so bright that she lights up the night.

I don’t have a fancy lens that can capture the moon as I see her – and even if I did, I don’t believe it could do justice to the almighty presence she holds in our skies… over our seas.

And so, on this day, with the view of this super moon at the bottom of our garden, filling the sky and reflecting back off the sea, I decided to capture her, the only way I knew how.

With immediacy, I sat and painted in watercolour, from memory, all that I had witnessed. It has proven to be one of my most popular paintings.

Limited Edition Prints
A3+ 18×24 inches (45.72×60.96cm)
A3 16×20 inches (40.64×50.8cm)
A4 12×16 inches (30.48×40.64cm)
A5 10×12 inches (25.4×30.48cm)

These are standard sizes, that include the mount (mat) and will fit a ready made frame.

Contact me for reasonably priced framing options within UK.