Teatime in Wonderland 2


The Series
It is Tea Time in Wonderland, and an opportunity to step into the vibrant imaginings of a young girl growing up in the late 60s/ early 70s in her leafy, Victorian south London home. The third of four children, with two older brothers, she would find sanctuary beneath the branches of the young weeping willow, where her world would come alive; her senses open and her imagination awaken.

Though she could have ventured to far away lands, this little girl’s imagination brought her to a fantasy home. A place of safety and autonomy. Of tea time and bed time and quiet time and meal time. Where she felt, more than anything, content… at peace … the luckiest girl alive.

And in the chaos of real home life, there was always one constant. The solid, loving presence of her mother. And the rituals she brought, the most memorable of which, was ‘tea time’. Every day at 4pm, a little later on school days, she would lay up a tray, with Gaydon Melaware cups and saucers, so quintessentially 60s, a big red enamel tea pot, and cake on a weekend. She would carry this tray either to the garden, in the summer, or to the brightly papered breakfast room, where the family would gather.

There was something so very safe, grounding and comforting in these moments for this little girl. And this feeling is what she would take with her to her weeping willow.

The palette of colours that I have chosen, resonate deeply with me, and echo those from my childhood surroundings. The colours that I remember of the William Morris Wallpaper of the breakfast room in those years. And echoed around the house. The turquoise, teal greens, greys and warm rust colours.

My intention was to take inspiration from the work of William Morris, to evoke an atmosphere and essence of lasting childhood memory for me. And to attempt to create the feeling that my willow tree brought for me, along with the familiarity of our breakfast room table; the hub of our home.

My plan was to create a series of 3 paintings which will tie together the solidity of our Victorian family home; William Morris clashing and possibly even merging with classic 1960’s stripes and tableware. Each painting taking a step further into my childhood imagination, invoking the enquiry… am I outside or inside and what is real and what is fantasy?

I have worked figuratively, using some shadow to bring a sense of form and at the same time I have intentionally ignore rules of tonal value, colour temperature and perspective that would bring a sense of depth to the room. Rather using them to bring that depth to the wallpaper/shrubbery. I have also broken the rules on perspective by flattened stripes throughout the painting.

My intention was to create a sense of magical wonder and nostalgia whilst evoking a feeling of calm and content.

I hope you feel that 💙

Teatime in Wonderland 1
From a series of 3 acrylic paintings described in detail above. Centred around my nostalgic memories of childhood imaginings.

Original Painting not for sale but can be viewed in my studios.

Limited Edition Prints
Signed and Mounted Limited Edition Giclée Prints.
Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

Available Sizes
A3+ 18×24 inches (45.72×60.96cm) £75
A3 16×20 inches (40.64×50.8cm)£65
A4 12×16 inches (30.48×40.64cm) £50
A5 10×12 inches (25.4×30.48cm) £42

These are standard sizes, that include the mount (mat) and will fit a ready made frame.

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